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22.03.07 Interview with Serge Tinland, initiator of the Phenix Project (2/2)

Projected architectural plans for the future headquarters of the Phenix Foundation. http://www.domespace.com


Where are you in terms of fundraising?

Serge Tinland
The final phase of reflection and writing has been finalized and since February 1, 2007, the Phenix Project has entered the phase of fundraising.

I am currently in contact with several European organizations that specialize in fundraising.

The objective in the coming months is to succeed in convincing future investors, through the intermediary of these organizations, of the interest and opportunity to bet on a project as innovative and also as crucial for humanity as the Phenix Project.

Financing exists. The Phenix Project just needs to find the right person at the right moment. The right group which not only has the spirit of enterprise, of undertaking but also the spirit of scientific and technological adventure and even more importantly, the spirit of utopia, this same utopia that allows the realization of the most beautiful and the most important things on this Earth.

Have you already approached scientists for this purpose ?

Serge Tinland
Yes and no.

Yes, because in my close entourage I have the chance to mix with several sectors of activity, civil as well as military: CNRS de Nice (Scientific Research Centers), Science University of Nice, DGAC (Civil Aviation), IHEDN PACA (Institute of Higher Education of National Defence), and diverse sectors of the Army, Marines and Air Force.

The Phenix Project, has been well received on the whole by these various contacts. However, that was only for informative purposes. The goal with these institutions was not to proselytise the Phenix Project.

And no, because as of today, I have not specific contacted scientists well known in their field for their interest in SETI programs or more specifically with those who work in various exobiology sectors.

This step will be made when financing has been found for the Phenix Project.

Have scientists already approached you to participate in this project?

Jean-Pierre Petit ?

Serge Tinland
Yes, I have been contacted by certain people working in fields as diverse as bioinformatics, archaeology and human sciences. I have not had contact or communication with Mr. Jean-Pierre Petit on this subject.

Since February 1, 2007, I have received various CVs from people with a scientific background who desire to work professionally on a project of this breadth.

Once the Phenix Project will have succeeded to raise the funds necessary to take off, it will not pose any problem to assemble a multidisciplinary research team, all with the appropriate degrees and well known in their fields.

The Phenix Project, and its concept and are innovators in this approach, it will become a reference in this domain. Its originality is being able to assemble a team of multidisciplinary research scientists, all with the appropriate degrees and well-known in their fields, all with permanent contracts. The single and unique goal of this team is to answer definitively and scientifically with hard evidence, the question of the existence or presence or not, of extraterrestrial activity on Earth and therefore to answer the fundamental question about intelligent extraterrestrial life in the universe other than Humanity.

Has your project had favorable feedback from within the scientific community?

Serge Tinland

As for the moment this has not been communicated officially to the international scientific circles, they have not offered any advice on the subject.

One of the future objectives of the Phenix Foundation is to publish results within refereed journals in order to advance the dossier with the international scientific community.

Such a project cannot in its pre-stage ask for acceptance by the entire international scientific community beforehand. It is not possible; there are too many divergences between them on this question at this point.

The only logical starting place is to open the Foundation and to work in a manner exclusively scientific with only research scientists, engineers, technicians, and investigators - all professionals, all well-known in their fields.

After that, communication with the international scientific community will come naturally.

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