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23.03.07 Phenix Project
Are we alone in Space?
Has life appeared elsewhere in the Universe other than around the Sun? Are we alone in the Universe? These are two questions that never cease to spark the imagination of all of us; therefore, we all have an opinion on this subject.

So we can be against the idea that extraterrestrial civilizations exist elsewhere in the Universe, but it is difficult to deny the existence of disconcerting facts such as the phenomenon of UFOs or the discovery of technological artefacts in the geological layers dating from an era where man had not yet appeared. Even more astonishing are the objects that were discovered in rocks dating back before any intelligent life existed on Earth.

The only certainty that we have, is that theoretically nothing prevents the appearance of other forms of life in the Universe or the emergence of technologically advanced civilizations.

If we put trust in our knowledge of life on Earth, its appearance requires the combined presence of four factors. Of energy generally in the form of star light; carbon, usually in the form of CO2; water, in liquid form which is the basis of life; and finally a certain number of chemical elements, mainly nitrogen, phosphorus and sulphur.

On a Universal scale, you can say that the 3 intrinsic factors for the appearance of life are liquid water, organic chemistry and a heat source. These are not factors that are only in the Solar System. They are scattered throughout the Universe! The problem is that we have not succeeded in discovering them in symbiosis in the same area of space around a star.

There is no doubt that the observation of the sky by instruments that are more and more sophisticated will end up giving encouraging results but the study of UFOs and artefacts are one of the subjects greatly overlooked by modern science.

A man, Serge Tinland, wants only to provide the means to definitively answer the question of the physical reality or not of UFOs and of the possible intelligence hidden behind them, whether they originate from Earth or elsewhere, and of the reality or not of the traces of prehistoric technological artefacts that can tied or not to the UFO dossier.

Initiator of The Phenix Project, he plans to create an international scientific research foundation, unique in the world, which would have for its only objective, the discovery of the exact nature of UFOs.

Interview of Serge Tinland

Flashespace had a long interview with Serge Tinland and we invite you to read it.

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